yoshi fukumori

Architect by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. He seeks inspiration and apparatus in the domain of the latest developments in technology and science, integrating them into computational based investigations. 

His research focuses primarily on Data Driven Design Methodologies and Autopoietic Generative Systems implementing and evaluating the physical properties of the design output in a constant loop between bits and atoms. Relevant research involves, exploring the infinite possibilities for complex non-linear geometrical manipulation via coding, evolutionary solvers, physical computing, robotic programming and fabrication.

He is currently a professor of the master Creative Code for Design at Universidad CENTRO. He has given numerous lectures and courses in different educational institutions such as the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad Iberoamericana and Universidad Anáhuac. In 2015 he was selected as Team Leader for the Hellowood festival, project Village in Hungary for the development of the "Cohesive fence" project.

He has collaborated with different architectural firms in Mexico City and abroad, where his main focus is the solution of problems based on data analysis for the rationalization of the design object.

His work focuses on the use of digital tools and computational processes applied in design and architecture to inform and enhance the results. The different scales of the projects he has carried out have allowed him to explore different methodologies of computer assisted processes in the design of a product, architecture and urbanism.

In 2018, in association with Michel Rojkind, co-founded RKFK a design and research studio that explores the relationship between digital tools and handicraft production as an informative process.